Reusable Cotton Rounds, Organic cotton

Reusable Cotton Rounds, Organic cotton
Reusable Cotton Rounds, Organic cotton

Reusable Organic Cotton Rounds for make-up removal and facial cleansing. The package includes 7 pieces of reusable cotton rounds for gentle skin care.

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These reusable cotton rounds made of GOTS certified organic cotton help you to remove your makeup and cleanse your face gently but effectively. Both sides as well as the thread used to sew the products, are GOTS-certified organic cotton, which makes the product safe for both you and the environment. Both fabrics are unbleached and natural in color which makes them generally well suited also for allergic skin. One side of the cotton round is soft terry and the other side is soft brushed flannel.

Reusable Cotton Rounds are an ecological alternative to disposable cotton rounds as they can be washed in the washing machine, and reused time after time. We recommend washing the cloths in a wash bag. 

These absorbent facial rounds are sewn in Finland in our own studio.

How to use:

  • Apply make-up remover or skin care products, such as toner to cotton round and gently massage into eyes or skin.
  • Rinse well after use and let it dry.
  • Launder after each use, allow to dry in an airy place and use again.
  • The terry side is ideal for make-up removal.
  • The flannel side is especially suited for applying toner.

Material & Care

Material: 100 % GOTS certified organic cotton

Care instructions: Wash before first use. Rinse well after use and let it dry. Wash in washing machine in 40 degrees after each use.  Let it dry in airy place and use again.

Please note: There might be some discoloration over time due to strong makeup shades. The product is still usable with small stains. To reduce stains, be sure to rinse cotton rounds after each use.

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